Do you understand the service I am offering?

I will send you my information sheet about Counselling and Online Counselling.Please read this carefully and make a note of any questions you have. I shall also send you a copy of my Counselling Agreement and my Privacy Statement. Please read through these and again make a note of any questions you have about these documents.


We will hold an Introductory Session.

After you have had an opportunity to read all the information we will arrange an assessment session which will take up to an hour, this is provided free of charge, it is a good ideal to meet with a few therapists to be sure you are making the choice that is best for you.This session it is an opportunity to get a sense of each other and a feel for whether we could work together. We will also discuss any concerns you have about getting started and I will try to answer any questions you may have.



If you feel ready to start your counselling after our introductory session I will send you a Counselling Agreement to sign , along with a GDPR Form and Contact Details Form to complete. This will be sent to you by Docusign, which will be password protected to ensure confidentiality. Once you have completed the forms they will be automatically returned to me and you will also be sent a copy of the completed and signed Forms.


Personal details.

When I have received your signed Agreement , GDPR Form and Contact Details I shall contact you to arrange our first session. These documents will be stored on paper and kept in a locked filing cabinet to avoid digitally storing your sensitive data..


The first session.

I shall send you a password protected confidential email which will include a browser link to access your first session. I shall guide you through this process if you are not familiar with Zoom. All further correspondences between ourselves will be via the confidential email service.